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Root Barrier Root Barrier Root Barrier

Root Barrier

Root barrier is a physical underground wall, placed so that structures and plants may cohabit happily together. Method of placement is to trench down to a naturally occurring horizontal zone which is root proof, place the root barrier in one continuous piece into the trench with the root barrier top finishing above the ground.

Normal placement of the barrier is to locate it around the structure, out from and parallel to the footings of the structure. The preferred method is placing the root barrier along beside the building, path, and road etc. so that the tree roots cannot gain access to the structure. Root barrier works as a waterproof seal protecting the soil under the structure from moisture loss laterally.

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The structure prevents loss of moisture vertically and so the moisture content of the soil can be stabilized and will stay constant. After installation the soil under the building can be rehydrated if necessary to return it to the moisture content that it was when the building was built.

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